FLEXImobile Monitoring Products

How does FLEXImobile compare to other products? There are not many products that actually offer all the same features that FLEXImobile does, or not all together in a single program.

FLEXImobile has a number of other advantages, including the ability to move your software between compatible devices as often as you wish for the duration of the subscription period. Most mobile software can only be purchased for a single device (serial number). This means you’re just out of luck when that phone gets old, lost, breaks or is replaced by another model. With FLEXImobile you don’t have to worry about that.

We also work hard to continually provide free updates to your existing software and quality technical support, which is usually non-existent from any comparable vendor. We offer discounts for multiple licenses when purchased at or near the same time (within the same week if notified), upgrades for all standard products at any time for only the difference in cost, and occasional incentives and promotions.

We are also in constant development, releasing more products for more platforms than our competitors. Staying with FLEXImobile means staying with the best technology and the best support available when you need it the most.


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