FLEXImobile on TV

FLEXImobile on TV

FLEXImobile has been reported several times on French TV and the effectiveness of our Spy & Spy software for mobile phones has been scrutinized.

FR2 broadcast in French
The magazine “Envoyé Spécial” broadcast the programme at 20:45 on France 2. The topics were data recovery, listening in on conversations and basically how easy it is to install Spy software on mobile phones.

M6 broadcast in French

“Envoyé spécial” : smartphones sur écoute
FR2 shipment in French
A mother in Paris was worried about where her children spent their free time and what kind of tricks they were playing. Our software was able to contribute to the fact that this mother is now a little calmer and sleeps better at night. The software had permanently recorded the GPS positions of the children’s mobile phones and so the mother always knew where her offspring were.

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