Monitor your children

Does surveillance of children or adolescents invade their privacy? Monitor your children.

In fact, surveillance does not affect the privacy of adolescents, but rather their safety. We cite some reasons for parents to monitor their child’s activity on the Internet.

Online Harassment

Most children are harassed online, so-called “Cyberbullying”, these children often suffer emotional distress and in most cases never talk to their parents. Hence the importance of surveillance, this control can alert you if someone can bully your child – or if your child is intimidating someone else.


The surveillance allows you to intervene and stop the circulation of photos of your naked children, or the exchange of photos of another person. Teens think it’s sexy or fun to take and send pictures like this.

Predators online

The Internet is the # 1 tool for child predators to form and develop friendships with them. You will not know if anyone has spoken to your child unless you are watching.
You will be aware of your child’s cyberbullying and other dangerous activities. If your child starts illegal discussions, suspicious behavior or even suicide, you will have the opportunity to intervene well before and act in time.

Identify bad dating

Because of bad attendance, your child may try to use drugs, steal or do something else against the law. It’s probably time to find out what your child thinks about the subject by talking about it neutrally (an article you read about drug use, or a program you watched on TV, for example).
Children unintentionally reveal personal information about themselves and where they are, something they do not have to do online, helping others, “dangerous people or digital strangers,” to find them in the real world. Monitoring helps you protect their personal information.

Protect their reputation

Some things should not be posted online because they could hurt your child’s reputation or chances of finding a job or going to college. Follow-up lets you know if your child (or friends) is posting something inappropriate.

Identity theft

Because they can disclose personal information, it’s easy for anyone to steal your child’s identity to open credit card accounts or other fraud cases.

Viruses and malware

Children can not always rate a site, an unsafe download, or an unreliable application can infect the computer or phone without your knowledge and damage to the device, and monitoring helps you find out at once.

Limit the screen time

Parents who watch are aware of the time their child is actually going online and are therefore more likely to set and apply time limits on screen time. Children need time to be active and exercise their minds differently.
As they say, the Internet is “a very big city without police,” and it’s a scary place to leave your children unattended. And your parental control is the only tool that separates them from many online dangers.

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