Record call logs with Spy Mobile App

Record call logs with Spy Mobile App

Our FLEXImobile Spy Software Apps for Android, such as Samsung, HTC, LG and many more, and also for Apple iPhone Spy Phones captures the complete call history of the respective Spy phones. The call list of the Spy Phones is permanently retrieved from the Spy App in the background and as soon as a call is made, this entry is read from the call list of the Spy phone.

Our Spy mobile apps capture incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Then you can see what a phone call it was. The reading of the call list can provide a lot of knowledge about the conversation partners, but also duration and frequency of calls can be derived very well. At the same time, our Spy Phone app also records contacts from the address book of the monitored mobile phone. As soon as a phone number has been saved as a contact, the contact list will also show the contact. At first glance you can tell which caller it is.

FLEXImobile Spy Software Handy Spionage App erfasst Anruflisten und zeigt dabei auch gleich den Kontakt an

FLEXImobile Spy Software Handy Spy app captures call logs and shows the contact right away

Most Spy mobile apps on the market offer this feature and you can already see it as the basic equipment of a Spy software. Spy apps that do not include this feature are usually defective goods and you should refrain from buying. The advantage of buying FLEXImobile is that we also record those calls 😉

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