Monitor Software PC and MAC

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Quick Overview

Monitor any computer in the world with our reliable Computer Monitoring Software. You can read prominent chats (Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype,…) and emails, record browser activity, read keystrokes, see files, watch the environment with the camera, etc.

Many dangers facing our children and our loved ones: internet, video, chat … you are anxious, you want to know what they do on their computer, what’s happening in and around it. Protect them! Would you like to watch them without disturbing them, and without being detected? Our reliable Computer Monitoring Software is your solution for Windows PC & Mac devices.




FLEXImobile Monitor Software PC and MAC

Thanks to our FLEXImobile Monitor Software PC and Mac you will receive data in real time or in delayed time. As a result, you can monitor whenever suites you. The license is to be downloaded on a Windows PC or MAC device. The installation is a 5 minutes walk in the park. Just order the software and in the unlikely case you need help, we are there for you.
Remote is the keyword! Configuration, consultation, data downloading, remote actions. Everything is done from your Control Panel accessible from any browser. The latter allows you to view data usage. Activity reports are preventing threats and increasing employee productivity. The software can be uninstalled, deactivated or updated remotely.
Our Monitor Software PC and MAC is Completely Stealth. Resulting in Absolute discretion! Nothing is detectable on the monitored PC or MAC!

    • Visualize the screen of the monitored computer live or offline
    • Know the live or delayed keystrokes (key logger) made on the keyboard
    • Read popular IM chats such as Skype, Hangouts, LINE, QQ
    • Read emails
    • 100% Invisible
    • Remotely accessing the contents of the hard drive
    • All file activity and transfers. Also USB!
    • Track the users (on/off) logging activity and also when the lock the screen
    • Activate the computer’s built-in camera and watch the environment
    • Photos, Videos, Audio, Wallpaper
    • Applications and Bookmarks activity
    • Search and Web History
    • Taking pictures or recording live or recorded video from the camera
    • Capture screens and keyboard footage live or on-demand
    • Download the files on your hard drive even if you are not connected to your Control Panel
    • Blocking the keyboard and display
    • Prevent the software from uninstallation
    • Extra features for MacOS are Viber, iMessage and WeChat

This Computer Parental Control allows you to supervise what’s happening on the computer. For eg, browsing history, installed applications, theirs chats, etc. For Employers there are also interesting monitoring features such as recording keystrokes, tracking USB connections, watching internet activity, etc… Data breaches can be prevented while monitoring the network bandwidth. You can also Protect Your Own Computer if other people use it.

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